Where does your bag live?

That’s my current location too. Good old pushchair storage facility.

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I have a work bag that has not left work for about a year and a half. Not sure why I still tolerate its existence.

Yep, couple of bags on the handles, couple of jackets on top, something less frequently used shoved in the seat. Great bunch of temporary storage.

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The bag I use daily sits by the shoes by the front door at home, and under my desk at work.

I have a selection of other bags too - four camera bags, a record bag, a bigger messenger bag for when I have a bit more shopping to do - which all sit in a pile in the back room when not in use (because there are things piled up in front of the cupboard where they were originally intended to live)

At the moment, it’s in the living room, behind the door, with my cycle helmet and glasses. I alternate between a running backpack and panniers, so I need a little area to decant and repack as close to the front door as is practicable.

At work it sits under my desk.

Home: coat hook in the hallway

Work: locker (#86)

I have the same problem actually. Maybe we need to invest in a hook behind the bedroom door we can hang them on. Feels like since we’ve moved into a flat with more space we weirdly have less storage. Lots of things without a designated home.

Next to my desk

Next to my desk

In my bedroom next to my bedside table. Not the most obvious place but there’s nowhere else to really put it that’s out of the way and easily accessible.

Work: under my desk. Our desks have hooks for the strap so they can’t get loose and be fallen over.

Home: on one of the lesser used dining table chairs.

Car: passenger footwell. Actually get a bit annoyed when I drive someone somewhere and have to move my bag to make room for their ingrate feet.

I normally hang it on the coat rack but I CAN’T FIND IT. No idea where it is, possibly my practice space.

I reckon I have close to 50 bags

they’re everywhere, reproducing

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small bag - by the door
medium bag - by the door
large bag - in my wardrobe
scum bags - top drawer

I don’t believe that you don’t own a bag


  • Obsolete former-work-but-a-bit-big-tbh messenger bag - under bed
  • Medium-sized not-really-suitable-for-work-because-no-padding-for-laptop bag - also under bed
  • Work bag - under desks both at home and work. Occasionally next to the sofa when annoying partner
  • Tiny bag for specs, wallet and keys on non-coat days - either on the floor, hung over the back of a chair, or once, in the middle of the laundry bin

In my imagination they all live in some specially-designed modular storage system from Ikea

I own a bunch of tote bags and bag for life bags and whatnot that i’ll grab on the way out to the shop but I dont own a bag, let alone many bags that would necessitate and entire bagplace

Nice bit of doublespeak there

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I have tote bags hanging on every door handle in the flat. I have bags hanging up in the walk-in cupboard. I have a box of handbags on top of the wardrobe.

I’m a bag lady. :confused:

on the chair closest to the door in the dining room, for your spreadsheet

Floor. near the books.