Where does your pet stand on the political spectrum?

We all like to think we have very liberal pets but that just isn’t the case.

My cat. Dory. Wonderful, lovely, polite cat by all accounts. She’s definitely not a racist cat because she’s met a couple of my neighbours who aren’t white and she’s gotten on with them. However, she seems to have a real issue with my northern neighbours. Like, to the point that when they’ve popped in for a chat, she will hiss and try and bolt out of the door and it’s very embarrassing. And it’s not a gender thing either, she just… does not seem to like the accent. I can even tell when one of my northern neighbours is walking down the communal stairs because she’ll sit by my front door, seething. It’s so mortifying. She’s the Margaret Thatcher of cats.

I do think she would support LGBTQIA+ rights, but in like… an Instagram ally way. She’d hold up a sign saying “u=u” but she wouldn’t know what it means or care to learn.

I don’t think she’d have any opinion on climate change because she knows she won’t live long enough for it to affect her.

Ultimately, this cat is very much all about herself and because of that I think she’d vote conservative or Lib Dem. She doesn’t care about the people, she cares about herself.

What about your pets?


If Hitler has the red/pink bag of Fancy Feast cat biscuits? She’s voting for him.


:smiley: same.
It’s a genuine nightmare. I keep trying to talk to her and explain we’re a left wing household but she doesn’t understand. Because she’s a cat.


Cats are all lazy murderous fascists and there’s no getting away from it. Even the cute ones.


I think my cat would be sort of left wing, she’s a kind and gentle soul, but she’s not too bright so I think she’d be swayed away from the far left by its portrayal in the media. She’s mainly self-interested but that’s not really her fault, she is a cat.

Maybe she’d be in favour of absolute monarchy, as she might like the idea of not having any responsibility for choosing a government. She might view a monarch in the same way that she views the large primates that live in her house, putting up with the downsides of them kicking her off sofas and occasionally taking her to the vet because they are the only ones who know how to make food appear.




My cat is not a fascist. She’s a silly Billy but she’s not a full on facist.


Actually maybe she is a bit lol


Misty is a proper Tory :frowning:

Her favourite person is our turbo-gammon neighbour

Loves nothing better than barking at dogs/people/foxes/moving lights to get off her lawn

When I was flyering for labour in the 2019 elections she stole the candidates reading glasses and destroyed them. Then the next day she pooped on our walk and I’d forgotten to bring poo bags, the only thing I had was a labour flyer to scoop it up with :woozy_face:


Misty is a cockapoo right?
Maybe it’s the purebred poodle in her. She can’t help it. She’s a good girl


Do love that for her tbf cause same. I’m a horrible curtain twitching neighbour who’ll call the council at the drop of a hat haha


Samoyed massive Ralph Nader guy.


All domesticated animals are massive tories I’m sorry.


:smiley: yeeeeah, maybe.

I woke up on my birthday last week, very hungover, because the cat was hitting me in the face. She cares not for community.

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They all want attention and we give it to them. Dog pissed on my brand new New Balances about a month ago. Why? Because he can and will still pet them the next day. Suckers we are.

Oh you’re having a great nights sleep? No you’re not, here comes a cat to jump on your head at 3 in the morning needing attention. Why? Tory.


Both cats and dogs are authoritarians. It’s just that cats believe they are the authority and dogs will follow any one with it.
Cats are also exceptionally Zen. Nothing exists but the now.

Grandpa is a strong union cat and a proud socialist.

Sausage is an anarchist.


My black and white cat is a sweet and gentle boy but also a total racist, he hates all cats except other black and white ones and his tabby brother. It’s very odd, he gives black and white cats a pass to stay in the garden but will chase anyone else out. Maybe it’s because his mum is black and white but his dad isn’t, and his dad just impregnated his mum and left so they never got to bond but he should be more tolerant to other colours, they’re all cats after all just like him. He’s middle aged now so probably set in his ways. Would likely vote for the tories.

My tabby cat is likely apolitical. He visits a lot of houses and is scared of most cats except his brother and the elderly black and white cat who used to chill in the garden with them and sometimes she’d even come in and eat their food but they didn’t attack her, and also he isn’t the most intelligent (he was licking his bum once and farted and scared himself, once got so excited to see the garden door was open he barrelled straight into it and split his lip). His stance on police is ACAB though, once a policeman was in the house when he was a kitten, and he swiped the policeman’s boot with his paw and ran away. It was very unlike him to do that. He did it sneakily from behind the door frame so all we could see was the tiny paw coming for that boot, it was so so funny


Pretty much this