Where everybody knows your name

I went into a place for lunch that I hadn’t been into for ages, they remembered me which I hadn’t expected which made me feel nice (although they don’t know my name there, sorry it’s just a catchy thread title).

Thank you for being a friend.

travel down a road and back again

I am a man of habit when it comes to what I eat for lunch, but the moment a sandwich shop preempts me ordering by saying, “The usual?” I will never return to that sandwich shop again.

My gym teacher knows my name.

Only because I corrected her after letting her call me Elouisa for a month.

That’s bizarre. Elouisa sounds absolutely nothing like Desk.

Elouisa is a nice name too though. Did you try it out and let her call you it for a while before correcting her?

When I was younger I got guitar lessons and the guy called me the wrong name for a year and a half. After the first couple of weeks I felt I had missed the window to correct him.

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Yeah I had a real issue because I thought she called me Elouisa a few times in the midst of a few classes and I was just like oh shit she thinks I’m called Elouisa.

Then I saw her outside of the class whilst in a rush and she was like Hi Elouisa and i was just like oh hi and carried on.

Then I was late to one of her classes and as I walked into the room she was like ELOUISA! and i turned around because I know she thinks i’m called Elouisa and then carried on chatting to her and she called me Elouisa like 4 times during the class.

Then I had to go to the next class and she continued and at the end I had to say “erm my name isn’t Elouisa btw. It’s [REAL NAME]” and she was like “oh, why did you keep answering to Elouisa?” and I said “cause I knew you thought I was called Elouisa and I didn’t wanna be rude” and she was like “ok” and now she calls me by my real name.

Then during a class she was like lol everyone I thought this girl was called Elouisa for like 2 months. and i was just running along like lol yeah