Where in the world is Balonz SanBalonzo?


Caught DiSing at work? Partner had enough of it? Just chilling next to the small pond?


he’s gone to live on a farm with lucien


Do you need an invite to get to this farm?


Did anyone see him at this last weekend?



3 of my friends who don’t know each other went to this (apparently it was cancelled because of bad weather) and have described the whole thing to me during conversations this week and I really don’t give a fuck about the bristol balloon fiesta anymore arghh


this is now the bristol balloon fiesta thread


Can you get them to join here so they can talk about it?




if you can find it, you get to go there. clues to the location have been left all over this website.





He got out. Let the poor lad go.


Really miss the guy, not gonna lie.


He did it the right way - without a leaving thread and without giving us time to put together a montage of his best posts.


I’ve invited him to the thread. should do the trick


he always takes the summer off doesnt he? he’ll be back,




Didn’t he have that giant Scalextric upstairs at work? Maybe he’s started doing that instead of coming on here



I hope he’s OK. Genuinely.


That photo :smiley: