Where is everybody when they're not posting?



I’d have theo down as one of the most conscientious posters and assumed he was doing work coding but he spends his time changing people’s details for fun. That means everybody else is up to something too, what are you all up to?


I’m googling foppyish


Renaming things.


you’ll find a lot of top quality content doing that


Crafting likeness of all of you for my DiS diorama, out of newspaper and my own saliva.


I forgot about ello.co!

Is @japes still on there?



We don’t exist otherwise. This is all a figment of your imagination.


Not at work, mostly.


lurking on drownedinsound.com


Someone called @regireki1976 followed me on ello the other day, it’s been years since I’ve been on it, probably not since that day people were talking about it.


I’m watching the Daily Politics, thinking about doing the washing up.



“I like to think that the moon is still there when I’m not looking at it”


either sat at my computer at home, or sat at a computer in work somewhere.


Usually trying to find rare Savage Garden bootlegs or rarities on the internet


Spreading joy.


Googling content from the old boards so I can start new threads on here


It really varies wildly. For instance I just had a potato.

Sometimes I go and look at other websites


Just had a meeting with an international street art fair buy tbf depending on the day could just as likely be interviewing prima ballerinas, having breakfast at the savoy or playing PS4 until my eyes bleed.