Where is the evening thread?


It’s here!

I’m on a train to LDN


I’ve been sunbathing so much this summer my foundation is like 2 shades too light. Anyway I’m eating my dinner in the sun


Evening ATT :wave:, evening FL :wave:, evening JB :wave:

Still at work, planning on going on my :bike: tomorrow afternoon while my supervisor is away, so doing a little bit extra tonight. Found out this afternoon I won our department’s annual travel prize. Means I get to go to Oslo for a couple of weeks and to Hamburg afterwards so I am a very happy bunny.


Just gonna watch a doc on Israeli food. Just done a 12km walk.

No World Cup…


Evening ATT, was just about to start the evening thread glad I checked first.

Are you off to London for work or something else?

I practically melted today, but I just went to the shop to get an ice cream and outside has got nice and breezy so that felt nice.

Edit: evening also Tuna, JB and Jordan :wave:


Woah that sounds amazing! Congrats :slight_smile:


what ice cream did you get?


Work - just spending a few days in the actual office for #teambuilding purposes :slight_smile:


Hey fl


Mint magnum. Not my first choice, but there wasn’t much there.


Evening Aphers. It’s my last evening in Oxford before moving away for good :grimacing: so have ordered a takeaway for my temporary housemates to say thankyou for having me. Spent the day in Henley walking along the river in the sunshine.


Still strong tbf


Mint magnums are ace. I settled for a mint ‘festival’ today.



Whereabouts in Oxford are/were you?


Pretty strong 1st sub though!


You’re someone with a lot of correct opinions


Not sure about the crunchy bits in the chocolate, they are just getting stuck in my teeth. Otherwise tasty tho.


Watching Altlanta, just had some terrible noodles.

Wanted some doughnuts at co-op but they had sold out. Had to make do with crumpets.

Worked pretty solidly from 8 to 7. Gonna try take it a bit easier tomorrow, the big day on Wednesday.


Lived all over. Was living in Littlemore for years but the last month I’ve been off the Cowley Road.


I love them but I do wish they were coated in white chocolate instead of dark.