Where is the evening thread?

It’s here!

I’m on a train to LDN

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Evening ATT :wave:, evening FL :wave:, evening JB :wave:

Still at work, planning on going on my :bike: tomorrow afternoon while my supervisor is away, so doing a little bit extra tonight. Found out this afternoon I won our department’s annual travel prize. Means I get to go to Oslo for a couple of weeks and to Hamburg afterwards so I am a very happy bunny.


Just gonna watch a doc on Israeli food. Just done a 12km walk.

No World Cup…

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Evening ATT, was just about to start the evening thread glad I checked first.

Are you off to London for work or something else?

I practically melted today, but I just went to the shop to get an ice cream and outside has got nice and breezy so that felt nice.

Edit: evening also Tuna, JB and Jordan :wave:


Woah that sounds amazing! Congrats :slight_smile:

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what ice cream did you get?

Work - just spending a few days in the actual office for #teambuilding purposes :slight_smile:

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Hey fl


Mint magnum. Not my first choice, but there wasn’t much there.


Evening Aphers. It’s my last evening in Oxford before moving away for good :grimacing: so have ordered a takeaway for my temporary housemates to say thankyou for having me. Spent the day in Henley walking along the river in the sunshine.


Still strong tbf

Mint magnums are ace. I settled for a mint ‘festival’ today.

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Whereabouts in Oxford are/were you?

Pretty strong 1st sub though!

You’re someone with a lot of correct opinions

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Not sure about the crunchy bits in the chocolate, they are just getting stuck in my teeth. Otherwise tasty tho.

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Watching Altlanta, just had some terrible noodles.

Wanted some doughnuts at co-op but they had sold out. Had to make do with crumpets.

Worked pretty solidly from 8 to 7. Gonna try take it a bit easier tomorrow, the big day on Wednesday.

Lived all over. Was living in Littlemore for years but the last month I’ve been off the Cowley Road.

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I love them but I do wish they were coated in white chocolate instead of dark.

Currently watching a chess documentary because I was starting to worry that I am, if anything, too cool.