Where is the evening thread?

Evening! Got a cat on me, she only seems to come in when it rains atm. Gonna have a hot chocolate in a bit.


Is the DiS hunger games thread worth reading?

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Ah nice, the TV lived on Cowley Road back in the day so I know it well!

have had a lot of pizza the last few days. again, not a complaint

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went to the shops earlier. realised when I got back that my t-shirt was on inside out, with the seams clearly showing and a massive tag sticking out the side

Obviously not read it

Thinking of re-reading it as tonight’s entertainment

Evening @Twinkletoes and everyone.

Busy cooking spaghetti alla norma, but feeling oh so tired after last night. Bed by 9 I reckon.

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Roast chicken for dinner, the cats are going mental as it cooks.

I loved Oslo sooooo much. Oslo > Copenhagen IMO.

You’re being outvoted quite convincingly, and I need something to do this evening :woman_shrugging:

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Me too! Well technically on a train in London now.

Doing a pilgrimage to Gareth Southgate station. I am very easily pleased by marketing ploys.

Meeting a friend for drinks afterwards.

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I’m surprising the TV with a trip to Copenhagen for her birthday next week, so this does not make for good reading.

Could maybe do… anything else

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Copehagen > Oslo imo weeber

esp if y’all like beeeeeeerrrrrrr and hot dogs


I’m in Edinburgh having tasty beer. Just finished the Hunger Games thread - managed to stifle some laughter but definitely not all of it :man_shrugging:

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Could go for a bournville ice cream

Hahaha I LOVED copenhagen! I only say I prefer Oslo to wind people up cause everyone loses their shit over copenhagen


Feel like I’ve not seen you around here much. Hope you’re well :slight_smile:

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I think I only really liked Oslo cause we had these amazing salad rolls and skillinboller for breakfast every day at grot brod (good bread?) and I was HARD into them

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