Where is the Monday thread, is this it now?

Post in here please

I’m quite hungover after Mutations yesterday - got the day off but got dentists this afternoon


Trying to tidy up before my first meeting, just stuff everywhere from having been away last week and then this last weekend, don’t understand how places get messier the less you’re there.

I’m very grumpy today as I have no food in Just tried to get a payday loan from work, which they’ve just introduced, but there’s a minimum 1k. Feel like they’re really overlooking a lot of things here about people who need the loans in the first place.

Alright? I don’t feel too well. Been eating quite badly recently as that’s the first thing to go to shit when I’m feeling stressed. Going to try and get back on track this week.

I’m tired.

The hardship fund is always there if you need :slightly_smiling_face:

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back to work after holiday. Back to no treats until xmas. #pleasekillmenow

Ban Mondays :raised_hand::no_entry_sign:


Forced self up early to write, but on plus side made eggs royale for her indoors to eat in bed. So today is a breakeven thus far


Had a relaxing pre-work hour reading over breakfast. Now a mere 8.5 hours of drudgery to go!


Absolutely fucked this week already.
Got up for a wee was walking back to the bedroom and noticed it was 7.15 so woke the missus up telling her we’d forgot to set our alarms and she’d over slept. She jumps up gets in the shower gets dressed and ready for work, i get back in bed.
She picks her phone up and realises it’s not 6.30 and not 7.30.
I’d forgot that I’ve not changed the clock on the oven for the last week.



I’m bloody knackered from Mutations yesterday. Not hungover, because I skipped a lot of rounds in the afternoon, but my word, my knees are telling me that an old man shouldn’t be standing up for almost twelve hours straight.

But it’s a nice sunny day today - I’ve got a film to pop in to the shop at lunchtime, so maybe I’ll have lunch on the beach today to make the most of it.


did a run
:coffee: :egg:
had some coffee and an omelette for breakfast
now work
:drum: :guitar: :musical_score:
black midi tonight


Got a calendar invite for a meeting at ten today despite being off. Everytime.

Morning all.

Still isolating but WFH again all day after being patchy last week.

Smudge’s limp and not putting his weight on his back leg seems to be getting worse, so mainly worrying about that rather than thinking about work. We’re booked into a vet checkup on Friday, but I’m out of isolation on Wednesday so wondering if it’s worth trying to get in then. He’s really missing going for walks due to us isolating.

D and D tonight.

Greetings from Loch Lomond. Biggest freshwater lake in mainland Britain, fact fans.

Congratulations to @blimeycharlie , @japes , @Epimer and @Ruffers who all guessed correctly that the station for disembarking was Balloch, fulfilling the wishes of @keith as well.

Apologies to @Witches but I don’t think I’ll make it to Inverness on this Grand Tour of Britain.


There are no direct trains from Edinburgh to Balloch.

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Pulled a muscle in my thigh in my sleep too.

Can barely walk

Best wishes to Smudge :heart:


getting there is a bit of a balloch


Just remembered I was laughing to myself all the way home last night like that Mr Burns GIF, Skeletor laughing clip