Where is the Monday thread, is this it now?

hoping for covid results today as I’d really like to get some fresh air

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i told my daughter a story last night about a kid who took a back pack to a theme park with an open tin of tomato soup in it, and they went on a rollercoaster and were able to avoid any spilling of the soup in the back pack.

i have no idea but it made me laugh so uncontrollably my partner told me to leave


Not at work today so that’s nice. Might go to McDonald’s for lunch, might not.

think my upstairs neighbour was away this weekend so actually got a really good night’s sleep for once. someone’s already called me ‘marky mark’ this morning though so my day is already ruined. brought my running trainers with me to run home from work tonight but that feels wildly optimistic at the minute. need to find more rapid flow tests as well but nowhere seems to have any left. my nxt job requires me to take one every day :confused:

I had a dream about doing a giant poo, and when I woke up I hadn’t done a giant poo.

Pretty solid start to Monday!

good luck with your interview, li. bet you’ll smash it.


Can you maybe get them through the hjob? I’ve never done this but I know that we have a big stash of them in the office, think you still need to fill some gov form in anyway. Sorry this is so vague but might be worth checking if they have any on site

ha nah, it was them that went ‘you need to do one every day so you better start stocking up.’ one of the shit things about freelancing is not really being able to help yourself to office supplies :thinking:

Delivering some training at 11. Don’t want to do that.

can you still order them off the govt?

ignore me didn’t realise it had already been covered

i think you can order them from the government, mate


got two weeks off, for years i’ve told my parents I will tidy up my old room at theirs and it has got to the point where I think I actually have to do it


I am really looking forward to 3 things today

  1. Lunch
  2. Dinner
  3. Going back to bed

Good morning!

I’ve spent my first night at the farm (going back to the city tomorrow for a couple weeks festival work). Have made friends with the leader of the dogs, and said hello to two cats. Gonna go outside and give the horses a cuddle soon. There’s snow too!

I have to have two fillings today :disappointed_relieved: :tooth:

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I want to find this tshirt but it’s seemingly very hard because there’s approx 27373928:637:9/90-/86483838393 million peanuts T-shirt’s in the world at the moment.

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Help me find this T-shirt

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Just went to the dentist for the first time in 7 years
I only need one filling! And my wisdom teeth removed

The dentist was really nice, if they were all like that then there wouldn’t be so many of us with an irrational fear of going