Where is the the Wednesday Thread?

It is almost nine! For shame.

So, Wednesday, eh? How about that!

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Is this the ice cream thread?

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I don’t get up until 9!

Day off. Woo! Off for a picnic in the woods.




Wife’s at an appointment at the hospital. I’m stood in a park pushing my daughter on a swing

I ran out of ice cream on Monday and the shopping isn’t coming until Friday.

Nothing to report.


I spent at least half an hour this morning thinking it was thursday. How disappointing.

Just about to do the last ever PE with Joe Wicks.

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Just remembered those big tins of Ravioli you used to get in Lidl.

It can be! But also it is the Wednesday Thread. It is a multipurpose thread for whatever people want up to around 6pm.

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Okay, thanks for your flexibility :blush:

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Really fancy an ice cream. Ideally a Twix one


I would very much like to try one of these.

morning all :wave:

in such a grumpy mood today so far, stayed up too late last night, slept badly, everything winding me up etc. mix in a bit of anxiety and potential sadness about the football this evening, and it’s good, enjoyable stuff.

tempted to just sack off work til my next meeting at 10 and have a lie down/nap and see if that helps. probably won’t but you never know.

also, really fancy some ice cream now, can’t think why. maybe it would resolve the above issues???

Coffee now. Masterchef tonight.


Today is my Saturday and I am in bed listening to today’s Off Menu episode. No plans really, might defrost the freezer.

Work, work, Covid 19 swab, grilled cheese sandwich, work, work, work, Chinese takeaway, Masterchef, bed.

I think it would certainly improve things :slight_smile:

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I think I might need to give a Twix ice cream a go as I never really rated them back in the day - iirc I’d end up eating the ice cream first as it melted, and then just be left with the biscuit, which is nice but not a very unified ice cream bar experience.

Have made flatbread dough this morning

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They’ve changed since then

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