Where is your element



y’know, where are you most in your element. Comfortable, confident, w/e. My element is quiet pub, small group of people, talking about football while watching other football


Wish I knew mate



Pub quiz. Someone else is writing down the answers, I’m just giving them all.


Pub quiz (presenting) would be pretty high up my list, actually


Leading a group of ~10 road cyclists out on the Kent lanes on an early Sunday morning.

Failing leading, I’ll be the back marker.


4/5 ATDs at about 4/5am


Sat at the bar in my local


Behind the wheel of a car/van/truck trundling along a quiet motorway with the cruise control on


Tiger Woods 12. first tee. jungle course. spliffed up to the max


On a(n ostensibly) music-related forum being nice to people and trying to resolve beeves.


3-pints in, with some ATDs and 1 new person who I fancy. I am a funny man laugh at my shit jokes and attention-seeking.


yeah I fucking love being the quiz master


just when someone asks my opinion about something I know a lot about and I tell them stuff I guess. or wearing a sexy dress and dancing.