Where is your passport right now?

Not a blue passport in sight

Excellent username to reply synergy

Alright, it’s not a competition ffs

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I remember having a blue passport, back in the day. It was a proper hardback and everything. :heart_eyes:

I wonder how many people voted for Brexit just because they had misty eyed memories of these (admittedly, aesthetically superior) documents.

Important stuff shipping container.


Taped to the bottom of a drawer along with a gun and $10,000

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sitting on top of some books in my room. expired though.

Important stuff cargo ship

Are you sure?

Mine’s in the usual safe place.

On the dining table, expired though

On the shelf, with the others. Got it out to book some flights the other day, didn’t need it to make the bookings, put it back on the shelf.

Anyone remember those paper passports you used to be able to get which only lasted a month which allowed you to get to France (or presumably another specified country)?

Hopefully in an envelope on my doormat, and not in shreds in the living room :crossed_fingers: #praythedogwalkershuttheporch


It’ll be either under the mattress, on top of the wardrobe, or in a book somewhere on a shelf.

Mad how people are so paranoid about stuff like that, innit. I used to keep it in the pocket of a coat in the wardrobe, but i’d have anxiety dreams about it, wake up and move it. Why?

Inside the Important Things Wallet, inside the Important Things Folder, on the Important Things/Cookery Books Shelf, right side third up of the kallax in ‘my’ bedroom, etc…

Expired eight years ago.


even in canadia? i never got id’d once

ie: i look fucking haggard

Don’t need it. Brexit forever, baby!

(In Spain next week thank you for reminding me to check)

you must have used a lot of sellotape on all those notes

Yeah, sometimes two IDs on the door and then again at the bar. Think it’s mostly because I’ve been with much younger people.

I’m on my way to the airport so I’m my bag I hope

My bag is my hero