Where’s the evening thread?

I can’t find it, have I made it?


Think all the England based DiSsers are too excited by the sun for evening threads these days. :unamused:

How are you? I just woke up from an unintentional sofa nap.

Need something new to watch.

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Haha, yeaaaah maybe! Myself on the other hand am having none of it. This heat can fuck off. Slept so badly last night, grumble grumble :blush:

Other than that I’m okay thanks, on a bus on the way home. The air conditioning is on full blast.

What kind of thing you fancy watching?

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my tummy doesn’t feel so good

hope it’s just hungry


So this just passed/is passing over my town. Went from blazing sun to the apocalypse, what felt like hurricane winds, power out, the sky turning black in a few minutes. Fuck me.


Is that a poached egg?



Making a creepy doll, listening to nice romantic songs and getting excited that my favourite person is coming back to the same country as me soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I haven’t had a good sleep for about a week but I’m not even sure it’s heat related. Think I’m just stressed, should start using the Headspace app again tbh, the sleepcast ghings worked a treat for me before.

Glad to hear it. The forecast for the beginning of next week looks scorchio! Felt sweaty just looking at it.

No idea tbh. I’ll watch anything that doesn’t have wizards/dragons and all that kind of thing in it. Recently watched The Secret with James Nesbitt in it which was a lot better than I thought it would be (but also a very difficult watch) Also watched The Holiday with Jill Halfpenny in it which was so, so ITV it was unreal but I thoroughly enjoyed the ridiculousness of it all.


Went to order a takeaway, wife ordered without asking me and got me a chicken burger??? WHY???

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At an outdoor gig, Villagers supported by Gruff Rhys. It’s good :sunglasses:


I watched the Secret recently too, James nesbitt is so good at playing massive creeps isn’t he? bleurgh.

I’ve started watching blackbird on Apple TV, it seems great, only two episodes so far but I feel soon I will be hooked. In the midst of watching servant too also on apple.

Sorry to hear you haven’t been sleeping well though, I hope it improves, those sleep cast things are great, or for me I love playing rain sounds. My dad sleeps with a full on thunderstorm playing in his room every night :laughing:

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Guess what former football manager just passed me in the crowd

Barry Fry


I give up

Hmm. Might cancel Disney then and have a scout about Apple TV then, I’ve never signed up to it before.

Yeah these ones are almost like dreamlike children’s stories with really softly spoken narrators. the forst time I listened I was a bit like ‘this is ridiculous, what am I doing?’ and then I was out like a light after the breathing excercises. Don’t think I’ve ever stayed awake past that point. Great stuff.

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Sean Dyche

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That sounds great!

And yeah definitely give apple a go, it’s also got severance which is why I joined it in the first place. It’s so good.