Where’s the Friday thread?

Oh, here it is.

I’ve got a training course this afternoon. Who schedules these things for a Friday afternoon? I will be clocking off immediately after, however.

Tell us about your days

I’m going up to Shropshire today to take part in a biking weekend.

Trying to fit in my work before then.

Have good Fridays all!


On my way to Newcastle, pets

I’m going to do as little work as possible then play computer games all weekend, thanks for asking


Ooh where abouts in Shropshire if you don’t mind me asking? (I live very near to the Staffordshire/Shropshire border :slight_smile:)

Morning all!

I’ve got seven things on my list today but only four of them are essential. I’ll probably manage three of them.

I’ve got football tonight.

I’m currently listening to Marcus Hamblett.

Last day before 2 weeks off.


Morning all.

But knackered after last night’s football and the first week back in after a fortnight off.

Had some really good pastries for breakfast.

Going up to redbank this evening for a brewery and restaurant event. Should be good.

A friend is visiting from the states so we are going to have a day of taking photos in nice places, afternoon tea and a play in the eve which I’m excited about


There are four, FOUR new albums out today that I need to listen to so i’m running late for work coz i spent too long drinking coffee and soaking in goth vibes this morning. And i just missed a train. Fffffffs.

Just cannot be arsed with work today. And someone just called me… at 9:30??? Sorry but no.

No plans for today but got a busy weekend so will probably just chillllll


Last full day in Cornwall before we head home tomorrow, but instead of making the most of it I woke up feeling terrible. I’ve had some drugs and some water, and I’m a bit more alive now, but I’m tempted to avoid solid food over the next 48 hours, especially with the long drive tomorrow


Taking the dog(s) to a big country park place in a bit.

Wanna try and get a bike ride in this afternoon.

Making pizzas for dinner tonight.

Really want pakora. Wonder what the earliest time I can get some pakora is?

The place by me opens at 10am.

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That’s ideal.

Already looking forward to Christmas so I can go and get a box of 100 samosa

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Which albums are these?

Up and morning!!

MrS and V have gone out for breakfast but I couldn’t quite get myself up so am having a solo fried egg sandwich at home. It’s pretty glorious tbh.

No plans today beyond buying tickets for stuff to look forward to.

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Giving my first brewery tour later so that’s nice.