Where’s the Friday thread?

That’s cool. Have you had to learn about the brewing process for your job or are the tours not really like that?

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I have a bit, but one of the brewers is doing that bit then I do tasting and a bit of history etc.


This is how I would have split the workload too.


If you could remind me at about 4.15pm that I have to drive home after work that would be lovely.


Morning all,

TFIF. Still a bit tired from being in the office yesterday, not sure how i’m going to manage 3 days back in in just over 2 weeks… :sleeping:

Still, WFH today and though I still have inexplicably aching legs looking forward to going out to the Czech restaurant for tea tonight and to a very lovely craft beer bar that i’ve not been since before lockdown (as it’s in one of the 6 towns of S-O-T I don’t often go to).

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Morning Friday :sun_behind_small_cloud: Got the day off as we’re going through to Edinburgh to see Anna Meredith this evening :tada: Also have a table booked at the vegan Italian restaurant I’ve been wanting to get to for nearly two years now, very excited :spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti:


What’s this called please?

silly videogames night at a pal’s tonight, first time in 2 years :slight_smile:

gonna see if I can finally figure out how to play Goldeneye


https://www.soralella.co.uk/ Finding it impossible to decide what to have!

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these lot! two down, two to go.

Alora Crucible - Thymiamatascension (new/ambient/goth)

Wolves in the Throne Room - Primordial Arcana (cascadian black metal)

Tropical Fuck Storm - Deep States (aussie psych-punk)

Jeremiah Cymerman - Citadels & Sanctuaries (jazz / improv / ambient)

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Booked John Grant tickets.

Happy birthday to me (in a month and a half)

I’ll have the Suppli Romani to start please, then the Meat Feast pizza (no olives), and the tiramisu for dessert please.

And we’ll know for sure if that’s all 100% vegan, because if any of that is what menu calls it then I’ll be shitting my pants in the taxi home



Last day at home before holiday in Wales

Gotta wrap up work stuff, sort various things and pick up the hire car

On balance I don’t really like going on holiday that much right now :worried:

Haha, yeah I’m tempted by a pizza but I reckon you can game the system by ordering a pasta dish and one of their side calzones and get the best of both? :face_with_monocle:

Fuck I didn’t even see the option of a side calzone. We must be talking pasty size at least, right? Think you’re on to a winner there.


Couldn’t bring myself to tell people I was going to see a band called Tropical Fuck Storm when they were last over, a couple of years ago. Think I might’ve just lied to people about what I was doing that night.

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haha yeah, i’m always rinsing people for listening to shite like ‘ringo deathstarr’ or whatever so it’s particularly shameful. but i guess they were in a band called ‘the drones’ for like 20 years so fancied mixing it up a bit.

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Going to my cousins wedding :dancer:t3: :man_dancing:t3:



Back to the dentist AGAIN (5th time in 2 weeks) in an hour. Jaw still sore, but hopefully the antibiotics are doing their thing.

Interested to see how the rest of my body is holding up after 2nd vax dose poorliness yesterday.

Just got my new used Apple TV (3rd gen) delivered, ready for that country life.