Where’s the Monday thread

Here’s the Monday thread

Right no one else did one at the same time.
How’s everyone doing. Good weekend?

I’m very very tired


Ditto tiredness, fun but busy weekend so look forward to a lazy Monday! Not made for three days of drinking in a row anymore (if I ever was)

Reading in a sunbeam on bed while half answering emails, gonna get out for lunch walks and that’ll do me for the day


I did a 14 hour session on saturday, think i’m broken

Had a dream that there was a big DiS karaoke event that I hosted so that was fun. Now I’m at work and I’m very tired and that’s not as fun. Got a big leftover roast pork sandwich for lunch that I’m really struggling to resist already.


Morning all!

Everyone in my house is tired except me.

I’m teaching a pretty rubbish session this morning followed by a pretty straightforward session this afternoon where I tell them a load of exam answers.

I’ve got football after work which should be nice. The sun is out in Glasgow today.

Having a surprisingly nice day so far though I forgot how much the pendolino train makes me travel sick :woozy_face:

Going to sack off the tube and walk to my interview and hopefully recover along the way.

  • Existential crisising

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Oh shoot. I’ve no questions to ask them. Gah!

I had a dream the other night about a big DiS party and pervo got lucky with a guest (not a diser) in front of all of us

congratulations dream pervo!


Ask exclusively about pay and holidays

Let’s make these things happen ASAP. I can’t remember what anyone sang in my dream except I did Birdhouse In Your Soul twice.

Bf got home late last night from his hols with the covid. I now need to make sure I get the covid as I have never had the covid and Life Events are approaching fast and it would be beneficial that I got the covid now rather than get the covid later. sigh

time to get snogging

(GWS mr-meow)


I’m flying to the UK for a couple of weeks on Wednesday and my wife is stressing me out about the fact that I haven’t even started packing yet.

  • You’re all good, still got 2 days to sort it
  • What are you playing at!? Get packing pronto

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had a pretty full on weekend and now seem to have a non-covid cold which is seriously going to impact some snogging plans. grrr. walked into work and a colleague had already sent me 20+ messages on teams so i’m quite irlked. gonna bunk off and go out for a nice long lunch though. til then… coffee and lemsip, mmm.

Thank you friends, I wish I was married to all of you.

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Depends how up to date on washing you are. Bf packed the day before and realised key things were dirty then we had to sit in a baking hot house all evening whilst he frantically tried to dry some jeans!


That’s also her point in fairness, I’m just like “What’s the problem, open case and put clothes in” but she’s asking technical questions like this.

Got an accidental Monday hangover. Really want fried food.

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