Where shall I watch the football, local or central london?

  • Locally its easy to get to and from my home, a few mates about, generally more convenient, if we lose I can go home without seeing all the sad faces
  • Central London vibe could be amazing but packed difficult to get drinks and go to the toilet. If we win amazing singing in the street and on the train, if we loose who knows?

You are basically asking if England will win?


Wouldn’t that spoil it for you though?

Yeah. I’m not telling him.

Knowing the result or where to view it? If I knew the result it might spoil It but all the money I would make from betting would definitely comfort me

That’s immoral

somewhere that you have easy access to an ambulance you can set fire to

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this isn’t a thread about ethics its about football

So a vote for Laandon?

This sort of attitude is the entire problem with the beautiful game

I would give the money to charity

ohhhhh “Beautiful GAME”

I always thought it was “The Beautiful GRAEME”! But this makes much more sense. Yes.

Probably wherever you’re close to a Cafe Rouge* so you can give those French wankers what for and smash the place up after they cheat their way to a comfortable 3-0 victory :rage::rage::rage:

*I used to work for Cafe Rouge’s parent company - a deeply unethical organisation. Please do smash them up regardless.

You know what, I’m not actually all that sure. I’ll admit that I don’t know all that much about soccer.

Maybe @Sockformation can help.

take your nonsense to the politics thread

Beat the Croatians; smash up a French restuarant, preemptively.