Where should a fridge go?

Where the bin is in this pic:

Or at the other end, where there are a couple of high up plug sockets presumably meant for a fridge (but it’d be right next to the oven?)

  • Bin end
  • Plug end

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Does the panel at the side of the oven get hot at all when something’s cooking?

No idea, never used it, but I know there’s a general rule that they don’t usually go side by side because the oven heat could force the fridge to work harder. Maybe that’s not an issue with modern ones?

I like the fridge (milk) near the tea and coffee making station personally

I keep my toilet by the dining table for maximum efficiency, and because there is no room in the bathroom for one as it’s full of fridges and freezers


Surely that door would never open properly if the fridge was down there instead.


Lying on it’s back in the middle


We had a freezer in our corridor in a student house once. Also had curtains with corn on the cob on

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Why not simply sell the fridge and have all of your cold food needs supplied by an Amazon drone?

I think it’s weirder we have washing machines in the kitchen tbh.


Is there a plug socket behind the bin?

Putting the fridge next to the oven isn’t a great idea, plus it’s restrict your entry into the room through the door, from the looks of things.

That’s a good point. Just measured up and it will still open but there’s verrrrry close, esp if there’s a bit of space around the fridge.

Bin end is shallow so the fridge won’t be flush with the units if that matters.


Now that’s some messy eating


The door in the pic is a cupboard, so not as important.

The only socket we could use for the fridge at the bin end are the ones above the counter top.

Yeah not worth it. It will do your head in.

@barleysugar tell them about the people before us putting a worktop right in the way of the fridge and freezer door. It does our heads in.

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The floor cabinets will still be 600mm deep though, so I don’t think you’d notice it too much

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I think it’s going to stick out at either end but yeah the wall calls out there so it will be more pronounced.

@hip_young_gunslinger the people before us put a worktop right in the way of the fridge and freezer door. It does our heads in.


I still think it would drive you round the bend getting the hoover or ironing board out of that cupboard with the fridge so close, so I’d go for the bin end.

It also gives you an adjacent piece of worktop to put things on when putting them in or taking them out of the fridge.