Where should I move to?

It looks like I’m going to be stuck in the UK for 6 months longer than I’d like.

I’m currently in my ma’s spare bedroom so keen to move somewhere else for 6 months.

Ideally I’d like to rent my own place as I’m sick of sharing. So it might have to be somewhere in the North, or somewhere shit in the south.

Anyone have any ideas? Currently thinking Newcastle or Glasgow


£800 all in max, haven’t rented in the UK since gestures broadly at everything so not sure if that’s naive or not. Will have to share if so.

Newcastle/Glasgow seems cheaper than leeds and manchester which have gone up a ridiculous amount recently so might be doable for a one bed but no idea which are good and bad areas.

Bills are ridic as well though so fuck knows if £800 is enough

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Yeah not sure I wanna be stuck in a dodgy area of Glasgow tbf

Might end up in Hull or somewhere

My fucking life


Is the rental market not fucked like Dublin no?

I don’t think so, every time I glance at it it seems dirt cheap*

Not an expert though

*in comparison

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Nice I’ll have a gander, i did really enjoy the place when I visited last year

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The Barnsley renaissance starts here @TheBarbieMovie2023


The TV lives in Barnsley there’s nothing to do there at all

Scilly Isles


Don’t be

Wait for it

You know what’s coming



Oh for fucks sake!!


She’ll have something when mert moves there


This would be amazing for 6 months I reckon

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Worked in the job centre there for a week, no chance I’m ever going back to Barnsley for even an hour let alone six months

No offence Barnsley

They’ve got like 5 Gregg’s outlets and an inexplicable Che Guevara themed nightclub, what more do you want?


I would say move down to Hastings cos there’s some fun stuff here and we could be buds, but I think it’s too expensive :pensive:

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