Where should I (you) live?


Looking for inspiration and a bit of daydreaming.

Bored of where I am now (big city suburbs). Cant complain at all about my housing situation really …BUT

I want to go elsewhere.

What’s on your dream location wish list?

My criteria:

Rural-ish, in a village or outside a small market town.
Good weather, not bothered about winters but must have a good summer.
Not too far from international transport links as family are spread far and wide.
Don’t care about museums.
I quite like water so near a lake or the sea
Good for cycling
Need to be able to move and work there with my shitty blue brexit passport :unamused:

The last one is the sticking point and probably going to lead to me being tied down here for at least the medium term. :disappointed_relieved:

Probably San Sebastián


pretty much the same as you, except i’ve sort of resigned myself to staying in the SE of England :sob:

Big city
Don’t care about the weather
Good international transport links
Museums and art galleries
Don’t care about the sea
Don’t care about cycling
Need to be able to walk to work

Conclusion: London!


High Weald area near Bewl Water (big lake) - maybe Wadhurst as has a station which goes to London. An hour’s drive to Gatwick (hour and a half by train), 40 mins to Hastings/seaside.

Probably mega expensive though.

You’re not actually Dutch it turns out.


Brexit really does narrow that search down doesn’t it.

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Near the seaish
Near mountainsish
Easy to get to a big city
Good pubs and restaurants
Green spaces
Good weather

Somewhere just outside Glasgow, which is where I am now(20 miles), would fit the bill if it wasn’t for the weather.

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I go cycling whenever I’m in Holland, but it’s not important enough to determine where to live

Near to cafes and restaurants and cinema
Good transport options for non-driver
House big enough for different rooms to live in in the daytime but still affordable
Near either: sea/coast, mountains, forest/woodland


I’d like

Garden for the dog
Lots of lovely public parks
Thriving independent cinemas
Lots of nice cafes
Not too far from decent travel options
Decent weather - not too long/harsh winter, not just dark most of the time.
Not too insular
Housing situation not insane
Pollution and hayfeaver situation not too awful

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Lots of open natural space
Nice cafes/museums/libraries etc
Near my family
Near the sea

London has all of these except the sea but its not too hard to jump onto a train to get one

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for what i need now, at 36 years young, i’m in the perfect place pretty much. except would prefer a detached rather than being in a flat.

but in 10 years you’ll find me in paris or tokyo.

I like where I live, sorry


Really fancy the idea of living in a log cabin in the wilderness in North America somewhere. Surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers, cool wildlife (no bears please).

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God’s forsaken Country

Dorset is on my list actually

A nice village in Sussex would work and it would mean you get to go cycling with me :grinning:


me too:

City life - museums, art, gigs, etc
Good transport links to visit family, London, etc.

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