Where should I (you) live?

I do quite like tory West Sussex but the bits I know are still a bit busy imo (loads of traffic everywhere, proximity to london)

Love where I live now, never want to move. Everything we need is within walking distance, loads of green space too. And when there isn’t a pandemic on there are two great indie cinemas, loads of amazing restaurants, a really good live music scene and a huge range of other stuff to do. Only downside is that we’ll never be able to afford a house here, although we’re fortunate enough to own a really nice flat.

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Oh and Labour have an enormous majority here.

I don’t think I could ever live anywhere other than a big city, I was born and raised in central london and I’ve never left. Only times I’ve ever been somewhere and thought “I could live here” is New York and San Francisco. I genuinely don’t dream of having much and have accepted I’ll never own anywhere, idea of having a big house grosses me out anyway but somewhere with either a balcony that could comfortably fit four people or a small garden and being right near or on a main street with a 24 hour shops and good restaurants/takeaways and bars and a few nice parks that are walking distance. Basically where I am now on Hackney Road!

Fine we won’t have a lovely time then :slightly_frowning_face:

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“Decent weather - not too long/harsh winter, not just dark most of the time.”

“Not too insular“

Oh…actually scrap that


I’d love to live in Tokyo. I don’t think I’d want to work there though.

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whenever I daydream about this I always think life could be absolutely perfect if only Scotland could move about 900 miles further south.


Big city
Not fussed about the weather, but it would be nice to have warm, dry summers.
Good international transport links
Museums and art galleries
Restaurants, bars and gig venues
Good public transport links to the countryside and to the coast
Good public transport links within the city
Good cycle infrastructure
Good selection of jobs in my sector
(related: Lots of high quality architecture being built)
Affordable place to live within a cycle ride of work/the city
Able to afford a house with a small-ish garden
Local neighbourhood shops and restaurants and places to drink and parks
Country with good healthcare provision, social welfare, good worker’s rights, moving towards a standard four-day week

London ticks most of those for me, and is definitely the only place in the UK that comes close, personally.

Wales or South west england would probably suit your requirements quite well.
Hay, Brecon, Bath, Stroud, Frome, somewhere like that. Problem is that in that part of the world, the closer you get to the sea the further you get from international travel. south Devon maybe, then you’ve got Exeter airport and not too far from Bristol.

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My long list, in rough order of feasibility rather than desire:

South Irish coast (Waterford/Wexford)
Co. Louth (don’t laugh, carlingford or somewhere like that)
South west England
South west Scotland/English lakes (weather is a big no for this though)
Brittany or Normandy
Central/eastern france
Central/western Germany
Belgium or Luxembourg
West Wales

NE England might be another one to throw into the hat. Yeah, it’s colder there than the south east, but it doesn’t rain a lot. There are lots of nice places with good transport links into Newcastle Central, too.


It’s so cold up there though

When I talk about good summer weather I basically mean Mediterranean, not sub-arctic😀

Oh, well, you’re not going to get that in Ireland or the UK then…

I’d bloody love to live in Belgium please

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Yep, it’s lovely here.

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I’ve decided that Freiburg/ Black Forest is the dream

I swapped London for Alton (Hants) almost a decade ago and have never looked back. It fits all your criteria apart from the lake. Just over an hour and a quarter from London and half an hour from Guildford on the train. Brilliant cycling on and off road.

Most places around here are the same if you keep clear of Aldershot.

Plan would be living there while running stuff back at home remotely, definitely