Where the bloody hell is the Saturday thread?!

It’s here.

I am hungover and my ears are ringing. Should have used my earplugs but didn’t because I’m an absolute knob.

How is your hangover /10?
How are your Saturday plans /10?
How do you rate the out of ten format /10?

Morning scorpio!
Hangover: 0/10
Plans: 1/10
Format: 10/10

Got to go to work shortly. Got loads to do so I massively cba.


Hangover 6/10 think it’s a hungry one

Plans 1/10 for lack of effort. Short term is to have a shower. After that :man_shrugging:t2:

Format 5/10 not great on reflection

Hangover 0/10

Plans: been up since 6 to try and get most of my freaking out done before I need to leave for the airport at 10. Standard/10

Format: :trumpet:/10

Hangover: 10/10 - don’t have one
Plans: 7/10 - have to go to work for a couple of hours this afternoon, but going to a gig tonight
System: 9/10 - seems fair

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No hangover. 0/10
Had the best sleep I’ve had in aaaages while the baby cried all night with the TV in hospital. Feel a bit guilty but I know that’s just what was needed. She had been so serene in the day, lulling us into a false sense of security.

Now back holding her while she sleeps and the TV naps. Can’t believe how many dreams she’s having based on her body movements and REM. What is going on in that tiny mind? 10/10

System is 8/10


She’s dreaming about Michael Stipe?


Hangover: 4/10 - don’t have one but Mrs W was up all night coughing, so I feel like I have a slight one.

Plans: 8/10 - Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition at the Natural History Museum, followed by Vietnamese food.

Format: 8/10 - I like.

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Hangover: n/a /10
Plans 1: going to make a pot of tea, drink it in bed, read, have a shower, make toast /10
Plans 2: going to drive for 3+ hours to go to a barbecue in the rain /10
Format: undecided /10

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Hangover: 4/10 - was up until 2.30 listening to various things with my dad. Need more sleep ideally.

Plans: 10/10 - STAG DO. have no idea what’s happening apart from dinner. So everything is a total surprise.

Format: :+1:/10


Thought about it more and the system isn’t great. The best average score is presumably 5 which seems odd.

Hangover: 2/10 - it mostly just feels like I’m still tired

Plans: 3/10 - I’ve got to get my nails done and do the groceries shop this afternoon and I have a 1 hour yoga sesh to fit into this morning. Nothing fun planned besides the usual chill stuff.

Format: 7/10 - very solid, nice to have some structure cause sometimes I don’t know what to say in these threads

Hangover: 0/10 but I do feel quite tired so 2.5/10
Plans: gym then I have no idea so 4/10
System: rules make playing fun so 10/10


Just read that MIA has been given an MBE - seems like an odd thing for her to accept?

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Hangover 1/10 bit dehydrated
Plans 8/10 as we have loads of family visiting for a BBQ to celebrate The Child’s birthday. I expect to enjoy the day 3/10 mainly before they arrive and after they leave.
Format :t_rex:/10

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Today is my birthday. It’s also my house mates birthday too.
Going to a nice country pub this afternoon and then all back to ours.

I didn’t drink yesterday so hangover currently 0/10.
Plans 9/10
Format 9/10 - likely to have a hangover tomorrow.


Happy Birthday Ynot!!


I was just thinking the same thing. Disappointing if I’m honest.

HBYNOT! :tada::tada::tada:


Hangover: 2/10 (2 x steam beer but then good sleep)
Plans: Parental summit after not seeing each other for 7 years and driving 4 hours round trip for the pleasure of it: A necessary 1/10.
Format: 10/10