Where the fuck is the evening thread you chumps?

Bet someone else does one as well now. I’m very worn out from work, got another long day tomorrow. Had kebabs for tea cause I couldn’t ba to cook. Might have a cider and watch some stuff about murderers. You?


Got home for 630, dont even know what to do with all this free time.

Had a salad for lunch and we’re having a salad for tea. Is it just me or is that a lot of salad?

It’s too much salad.

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My loft ladder appears to have slid over the hatch making it completely unopenable. At some stage I will have to saw it open.

This fucking life!


Who on earth has salad for tea?!

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It’s a cold noodle salad with tofu. And me.

At least I have a bowl of… low calorie ice cream for afters.

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Ah that ain’t no salad.


Alright. Managed to score some naproxen, but the combo of hammering water, paracetamol and ibuprofen seems to have dulled the pain a bit.

Making bubble and squeak with eggs and left over pie. More packing and no booze later (might have a cheeky beer)


Overcooked roast chicken with nothing but misery. :+1:

what have you done

Probably gout. Dropped something on my toe and I’m pretty poor at keeping hydrated/drink too much beer and that’s triggered a flare up

Poncanna looks nice

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It’s right here

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Think at work cos I’m in a permanent state of heightened anxiety I have no opinions on anything. Smalltalk about the news etc, just contribute as little as I can get away with because half my brain’s shut off and I can’t offer any insight. My colleagues must wonder how it’s possible to be this boring.

Hey hey

Dressed for spring this morning, got that wrong. Freezing by 11.

Now in big jumper and double socks after attending meeting where I had butternut gnocchi with goats cheese. Nice but not enough, going to have cup of tea and some chocolonely bar.

Evening all!

The Child is in bed at an appropriate time after visiting Wor Lass in the hospital. One of my new students works in one of the kiosks so that was a slightly weird conversation with someone I don’t know very well.

Just going to sit quietly for a bit to be honest. I’ve got 24 exam papers sitting on my desk that are only 1/3 marked but I am definitely not going to get the full paper (there’s a second, bigger one waiting at work) this week so it isn’t worth breaking myself to finish them.

Ate my leftover Saturday curry for lunch so I’m still pretty full. Might have a decaf coffee.

Your meetings are way better catered than ours.

All catering at meetings was banned this year to avoid making reduncies (according to management.)

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Assuming you mean the one in Cardiff, it is - I’m sitting in it now! Apparently, as you’ve spelled it it means ‘dots’ in Irish. I’ve just eaten loads and loads of pesto pasta with veggie sausages. Now I must work.

“So what is it?”

I was going to build a poll to ask whether it’s too late to make a caffeinated tea.

  • Too late
  • Fine

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