Where the streets have new names

Anyway, look how many new ones there have been round my way! I’m a bit disappointed that there’s no longer a Dog Kennel Road.


Just number all streets. Don’t even care it would be really confusing in the absence of a street grid.

Could call all the dupe streets that have mansions and extreme wealth stuff like Twat Avenue

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I think it’s a bad idea.

Maybe simply rename Hull ‘Spiderman’ to increase morale in the area?

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Spiderman On Thames


“hi mate, got your delivery here, can I just confirm your address is 33 Inception-was-Overrated Drive?”


In pre smartphone / google maps day, a terrible recruitment agency in London sent me to an interview for a really sweet job. The consultant photocopied a bit of an atlas and marked the road where the office was.

EXCEPT IT WASN’T, it was on an identically named road in an adjacent postcode, both of which were within walking distance of their office but in different directions. I eventually got there about half an hour late, sweaty and stressed. I did not get the job.

See, this is why my initiative must prevail.

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My road is within 3 miles of another with the same name. Surprised how infrequently stuff goes to the wrong place tbh.

i remember when there was a new street built in my town and they named it


clever that isn’t it

Very clever! It’s made me reassess what a street can be


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Wonder what my life would’ve been like, if I’d got that job 15 years ago.

Reckon you’d be king mayor of the world now

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I had a similar thing a few years back. I had a ticket for a Brighton Fringe gig that just said St Andrews Church, Hove. There are two St Andrews Churches, both of which were holding events at the Fringe :confused:

Did you know that this thread title is similar to the title of a U2 song?

We would have PR


Pride (In The Name Of Streets)