Where to buy instruments (keyboard/synth)

I’m looking into buying some sort of keyboard/synth as a present for my niece.

She’s super musical - main instrument is flute but she also plays accordion, keyboards and seemingly most things tbh.

So my idea was really to get her something fun as she is also super serious and hard working, so something to mess about on and have fun with. I was thinking about a guitar but feel like that’s something you’d really want to go to a shop and try out so maybe for another time.

Anyway when I Google - Thomann is the main place that crops up. Anyone know of any reason not to buy from them, any good alternatives? Or anyone know any good local shops in the Reading ish area (Oxford also ok)?

I guess a physical shop she could go to if there is a problem would be preferable.


theyre mainland europe so shipping may take longer, I think they might have sorted any Brexit related issues out. Also it may come with a euro plug and adapter.

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Online alternatives to Thomann: (based in Germany, warehouses in Holland & Poland too)

https://www.andertons.co.uk/ (uk based so no Brexit problems)

https://www.gear4music.com/ (I think they have a UK warehouse but not 100% on that)

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I use PMT a fair amount. Quick and good prices usually.

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Thanks all, really appreciated.

Looks like I have plenty of options.

I ordered from thomann on the 12th april and it was with me (uk) on the 20th april

No extra charges etc

Can’t speak for the plug as my order was headphones


where are you based OP? I have a full sized keyboard I’ll be giving away in the next few months

I’ll check them out cheers

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I’m in Italy but it’s for a gift for my niece who lives near Reading.

Maybe when you come to get rid you could let me know what it is and how much as I may be interested. Cheers.

Ah ok. I’m up in Scotland. Will be offloading for free.

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