Where to buy shirts for work

and jumpers. Affordable. Now.




Amazon. Almost certainly to be unethical in their manufacture but they’re a tenner.

literally any mens clothes shop?

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chazza shop

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Debenhams, but wait until there’s a sale on.

Dead man’s shirts


(Fanks it’s from) ASOS.

Definitely this place:


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Just go Primark


Ozwald Boateng

Primark & H&M tbh. Or charity shops for dead men’s Marks&Spencer jumpers.

In order to look like a norm for my last new job I bought shirts from charity shops and some chinos from Debenhams in the sale. I felt weird but it did the job until I got past the first three months and I could be more myself.

Primark is my default choice but the collars on the shirts turn to shite after about 4 minutes

Speno’s (only in the sale)

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I remember a time when I was able to afford to shop in clothes shops that aren’t Primark

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It depends, if you have to wear shirts every day I would go for non iron batch of 5 from Charles Twrytt or TM Lewin (only in the sale). They are more expensive but last longer, warmer and you can get away with actually not ironing them.

If you’re lucky enough to fit into a standard medium/large then M&S. If not TM Lewin, get properly measured and get one of those 5 for £100 deals. The non-iron ones are actually non-iron assuming you hang them up straight out of the machine.

Non-iron Charles Twrytt for me.

H&M do decent plain merino wool jumpers