Where to buy shirts for work

I used to have that uniqlo merino wool jumper and it was my favourite jumper.

There’s always tons of formal shirts in TK Maxx if you’re near one. Would go to M&S from the high street, might be a couple of quid more expensive but the quality is much better.

Can I use this thread to say how unstandardised men’s clothing sizes seem to have become?

I’m L in some places, XL in others

And don’t get me started on ‘muscle fit’ clothing…

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i have some medium shirts that are loose and some XL shirts that are tight.

vanity sizing on jeans can fuck off too. just tell me what size they actually are.

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Same goes for lots of things…

Everywhere I look everything is slim fit. Fuck off, I’m not 14 any more.

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I find Primark is good for work shirts/trousers and H&M for jumpers/shirts (although some of their shirts are a pain to iron)

everything looks enormous on me if i dont get slim fit, no matter how hard i work on growing my belly. maybe it’s coz i usually wear tight trousers outside work that it’s more obvious to me tho

maybe he works in a circus or something

You’re ok, then. It’s easy to find slim fit shirts and jackets. Finding regular stuff isn’t so easy. I went round a bunch of shops recently looking for new shirts for work and ended up getting them from charity shops instead.

Charles Tyrwhitt do now as well I notice (not sure if they’re any good).

So much this, if I wear a non-fitted shirt with my work trousers it looks like I’m off to fight an 18th century duel.