Where to buy them vinyls in that London

Hi team, long time no see, but boy do I have some top quality threads lined up for you.

FIRST: My brother has asked for records for Christmas, he’s not particular about what exactly, but suggested funk / soul / motown type stuff. Where in London has a good cheap selection - are there any charity shops that are good? If there’s anywhere that does cheap stuff I’ll just grab an armload of stuff I think looks interesting.

music and video exchange in notting hill (only one left standing i think?), sister ray and reckless records in soho. flashback in islington. none of those are really cheap, mind.

don’t think you’ll have much joy with charity shops unless you’re prepared to dig through tons of crap. oxfam in dalston is ok but is a bit of a bargain bin also.

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Rat Records in Camberwell


Vinyl in Deptford has a decent selection of this type of thing as does Music and Video Exchange in Greenwich, both in your-neck-of-the-woodsish

Not sure if Old Spitalfields Market still do their monthly vinyl fair but been there a few times and it’s a real treasure trove.

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Sounds good. I’ve got a day off tomorrow so will be able to investigate.

To be clear, I’m really looking for bargain bin super-naff ten for £10 kinds of things (if they exist) rather than fancy Japanese limited edition printings and stuff, but I don’t know what the market is like these days for that kind of stuff.

Yeah it coincides with an independent brewers festival every quarter I think, don’t think there’s another one before Christmas though.

Hmm, Camberwell. Could also go to Stormbird…


There is a place in New Cross just down the bit between Venue and The New Cross Inn as well but I’ve never been in, I get the sense it might be a bargain bin type of deal though

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Green Onions. It’s a lovely shop, but isn’t super cheap tbf…

^This is definitely the best for funk/soul/jazz in town :+1:



Urban Outfitters


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Yeah you might be right, this is the kind of shit that will do the trick:


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Honest Jon’s in Shepherd’s Bush is wkd, tons of what you are after

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Honest Jon’s isn’t in Shepherds Bush, it’s on Portobello Road.


it’s all That Lahndan to me

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