Where to go and what to do in Madrid?

I’m there for three days over the weekend. I’ve been once before over ten years ago and did the big three museums. I can’t remember what I did apart from that.
Any good bar recommendations would be welcome. Also, areas that aren’t full of tourists would be good to check out. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Go look at the river.


Go here and get diabetes :pig2::pig2::pig2::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar:

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Bernabeu stadium tour

This place, Ocho Y Medio which is like a cafe with real film props everywhere:

I used to live in Madrid. My favourite thing to do was buy big 40s of Mahou and a big packet of brown bag crisps and sit by the templo de debod watching dat sunset.

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Feel like we had this conversation a while ago but similarly, canas and a bit of tapas or those really oily crisps are the best way to spend an evening.

Also like they lake that’s pretty central-ish that you can row around.

Eat a four cheese pizza. Spanish four cheese pizza is my favourite food, bar none.

Some of the bars in the El Rastro district are really good. It’s a workig class area with the famous flea market. The bars round there I found did good food and were tourist free.

El museo del prado, the Reina Sofia and Parque el Retiro are great and all right next to each other.

Came in to suggest this place - it’s good…

Thanks hugely for the recommendation. I’m there now with my churros. I expect my type 2 diabetes to kick in on Monday.


Aw yay happy to help! :chocolate_bar: :coffee:

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Gonna bump this thread, as I’m off on Friday for a long weekend :slightly_smiling_face: haven’t been in well over a decade, and that was on a school trip, so I’m mega-excited.

All the suggestions so far seem good, I just wanted to see if the past year had brought any further suggestions.

Would love to go see a Real or Atletico game but Señorita Flores despised the beautiful game so that’s our the window! Looks like Real aren’t in town anyway


Sell it to me :slight_smile:

Lavapies is like the “hip” bit of Madrid, in that it’s where there’s a lot of bars and Indian restaurants.

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Bumping this because I’m off there on Friday. Watching Real (Sat) and exploring til Monday.

Any updates for little ol’ me?