Where to go in.... Ireland!?


Hello, going to Ireland soon

going to Dublin and Belfast, also going to a south coast-ish bit (co cork) and maybe somewhere else in the north. where should i go?

what should I eat & where?

is there really more to ireland dan dis?


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Get youself over to Galway. The GF has relatives over there and it’s always been an absolute blast. Never actually been in a shit pub in Galway but being pissed all the time may have skewed my judgement.


Galway is fuckin brilliant, was there last year for the oyster & seafood festival, so basically a massive piss up, didn’t even have one oyster.
Loads of great bars and places to eat.
Have also been to cork for new year many years ago and that was great fun as well.
And also Donegal which is lovely.

Great bunch o’lads


love this!


There was a very good thread on OldDiS recently of Dublin recommendations but I’m having trouble finding it, I’ll see if I can turn it up.

Belfast is full of great pubs mainly, especially around the Cathedral Quarter. The Ulster Museum in Botanic Gardens beside Queens Uni is full of great stuff. Couple of good record shops in town (Sick, Dragon, Head) and a brilliant second hand bookshop called Keats & Chapman. if you like seafood then Mourne Seafood Bar does some really good food, otherwise there’s lots of good pub grub around.

Galway as others have said is lovely though I haven’t been there in years. You can get a boat out to the Aran Islands if it’s a decent day. I’m not too familiar with Cork but there are other DiSers who can help with that. Killarney and Dingle in nearby Kerry are lovely but Cork city is a bit bigger obviously.

Donegal is indeed lovely and picturesque, nice little towns as well as seaside areas like Killybegs. Was gonna mention Derry as well if you’re looking for other parts of the north, it’s a pretty small city so there’s not a huge amount there I suppose, but the intact 17th century city walls are a nice walk and it’s right next to Donegal.

There’s also the Giants Causeway on the north coast of course. And Carrickfergus Castle isn’t far from Belfast, nor is the little seaside town of Bangor or the coastal route on the way out, but we’re obviously just after the best time for going there.


you could also see some Father Ted sights in county Clare


Ah, here’s the Dublin thread.


Where are you going in Cork? I’d recommend driving around Bantry bay and stopping in Bantry or Kenmare



best book shop in Ireland (admittedly i am biased cos it belongs to my dads cousin but it’s bloody enormous)


Check out Kinsale, near Cork, as well

as wiki says ‘Kinsale is known for its brightly coloured shops.’


thanks going to go to bantry it looks lush

and bushmill think.

Definitely want to go to the very dark caves one day too.


Im goig Dublin next month too. DiS on tour


Galway’s really nice. Also go watch some GAA, no idea what’s going on but a good laugh


I’m going in Nov!


The Dingle peninsula is absolutely stunning and nearish to Cork if you have the time. Think that OldDis thread has Dublin covered for pubs etc. For short trips out of Dublin, Newgrange (stone age tombs), Glendalough, Powerscourt Waterfall are all well worth a visit.


Don’t go to Cork, it’s the arse end of Ireland. Full of tourists and assorted nutters. You can get to some very nice places from Cork, mind, but you wouldn’t want to spend a week there.


are you baiting @Kallgeese?


Name doesn’t ring a bell.


I will chip in here later on harru, mostly with recommendations for Cork.