Where to start with KAYAKING!



FAD! yeah yeah - it looks fun tho - obvs a bit cold now, but when spring kicks off next year i might give it a go

used to do it a very very small amount when i was younger - and i liekd it a lot!


A body of water.



sorry to be that guy, but that’s the worst effort ever at spelling kayaking.

maybe kyaking is something I don’t know about. dunno


With a kayak.




Kayak Hut, Kayaks Are Us, Put Your Butt There, Swim Low Sweet Chariot, Mary-Anne’s kayaks.


not very jazz man, it’s just a typo!

i spelt ‘liked’ wrong as well - watcha’ gonna do?


the kayak district


aye man. no beef

I’d quite like to get into something like this too, tbh. looks like great fun and keeps you crazy fit, by all accounts



thanks twentynine!


I intended to start this spring after doing it on holiday last year. Waterways are a pleasing way to travel I reckon. Next year I’ll go to a club open day, think that’s probably the way to start from my small bit of research.


My brother in law of sorts is big into kayaking, mainly in the sea but other places too. He lives in… Brighton!


I’ve been thinking of doing this too.
When I was a kid I used to Windsurf and was actually quite good at it. I used to go to Mercers Park in Merstham. Plus a couple of times of the coast of Christchurch.


They also do a Kayaking course


I wouldn’t mind getting back into it at some point, or be more sedate and Kayak. I might try it next year.


bought an inflatable kayak (seems pretty sturdy not like a toy) when I moved in here as I am by the river (the communal garden has its own gate and area to put boats). but never got round to it, got put off by needing a licence, and intimidated by the boat club that use the river. Kind of glad I didn’t as would have just done it wearing jeans and cardigans assuming I would be fine if I fell in, but after my failed attempt at swimming earlier this year I know that wouldn’t have been the case. Also walked past the river one day and there was a capsized kayak and lots of people looking at it, they found the guy’s body a few weeks later, had been swept two miles away, pretty tragic.


It was the reason I moved to this flat, totally envisioned a dawson’s creek lifestyle


probably a bit of a downer on kayaking here, basically meant don’t do it unsupervised