Where to start with Krautrock?

Got friends who absolutely love Can, Neu! and all that but I’ve never been sure how to get a handle on it. Can anyone help?

I’d say the best way to start is just to listen to the first Neu! album and take it from there.

Alternatively, listen to the third Neu! album, Neu ‘75. I got into that one first, it has a couple of tracks that almost sound like the Stooges and it was a good gateway for me personally.


I think Krautrock was a term applied by Brits or non Germans at least to describe the music coming out of Germany in the 70’s.

the Can singles compilation that came out last year might be a good starter for them, more accessible than their albums and some great sprawling album tracks are edited down to tight 4 minute tracks.

gets proper shite towards the end with the later years but first half or so is worth a go

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This is a good compilation. Covers all ends of the spectrum from pure electronica to ‘krautrock’ the follow up compilation is also a cracker.


I started with Tago Mago by Can, and never looked back. I would therefore recommend this as an excellent starting point.


I jsut want to hear that motorik beat forever in my head


don’t really care what’s going on over the top of it really


Just makes me feel somewhere between happy and excited I guess, you can just play it on your knees for ages too and it never gets old! Feels like there’s some kinda primal power there, can’t think of any chord sequence or any other rhythm that has that immediate sense of liveliness and anticipation.


fill yer boots

Just slap Hallogallo on repeat for a bit. You’ll come round.


Good Kid Maad City

start here:


The new Hookworms album

honestly don’t get what people see in this band


5 members, proper haircuts, synths, guitars, vocals and drums


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no tunes though

mate they’re ALL tunes but they can’t be seen #madeuthink

this song/album


My mate loves Krautrock, is an absolute fountain of knowledge with band recommendations. He told me to start here with Can

Then I’d have a read of his blog, where he’s written extensively about the genre