Where to start with post-rock?

Just wondered. Please don’t be comedy edgelords and post Return to Sender, Please Mr Postman or that Sleaford Mods one about A UNIFORM FROM THA ROYAL MAIL


Post rock is a very srs bssnss

i wouldn’t bother


Think Norman’s records do mail order

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A few personal favourites firmly in the ‘post-rock’ category that you can’t go wrong with:

Hope you get something out of them.


I’ve been listening to this album a bit in the last 10-12 days

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This video is quite good

As is this one, though it’s a bit more about math rock:

And he’s done a playlist which is good to shuffle through:

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Do you want the quiet quiet quiet quiet LOUD LOUD quiet version or the jazzy version of post rock?

you can’t go wrong with any of the ones @hanshotfirst posted up there, Skinny Fists was my entry into the genre.

A couple of others;


Poll: is Hospice a post-rock album?

  • Yes
  • No

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This is good

Talk Talk.


Strongly (but politely) disagree with this

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Any of these The 30 best post-rock albums of all time

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The earliest tranche of post-rock bands were the best and most interesting IMO. Starting at Talk Talk, Bark Psychosis, Disco Inferno, Slint, Seefeel, Labradford and stretching to Godspeed and Mogwai.

Then Explosions in the Sky blew up and ruined it for everyone.


Explosions In The Sky

  • Good
  • Shit

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Both. Preferably in the same pieces of music, fighting with each other.