Where to start with Stereolab?


All in the title. Which album is a good starting point? Which album is best?


Tomato Emperor Ketchup, obviously


Going to risk the wrath of purists and say a starting point I’d actually recommend is Oscillons from the Anti-Sun, which compiles various singles and ep’s. I think it just gives a really great overview of their sound. The 2 Sounddust comps too obviously.

My single favourite release is the Amorphous Body Centre mini LP.


I like Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night. The other suggestions are good too. You’re spoilt for choice really.


Also, if you like Stereolab, and you haven’t listened to them already, try Broadcast who are also great and similar, but in a 70s public information video way rather than Stereolab’s 60s Italian and French style.


Refried Ectoplasm - it’s a compilation of their earlier singles. Or you could go for Serene Velocity for an overall introduction to their best loved stuff.

From there, get the albums that feature your favourite tracks.

And, if you haven’t already listened to it, get French Disko going on a loop - best song of all time!