Where to start with the Melvins?

Opinions on what the best LP is? Top 5 song/top 3 LP list would all be appreciated x

Houdini I reckon. An unimaginative answer, but I do think it’s the best one to begin with.

Maybe Bullhead and Stoner Witch after that.

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Stoner Witch (my favourite)
(is Stag the one with a yellow cover?)

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The Atlantic albums (Houdini, Stoner Witch and Stag) are generally considered to be their best work, although the ones I find myself coming back to most often are Senile Animal and Honky. Haven’t heard any of the newer stuff (Nude With Boots is the last one I listened to I think).

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Yeah, I should probably add that I haven’t really listened to anything of theirs since A Senile Animal

Oh and Lysol is dead good too. I’m in danger of doing that thing I hate where someone recommends a massive amount of music in a “where to start” thread, so in answer to your actual question:

Top 3 albums:

Stoner Witch
Senile Animal

Top 5 songs:

Ballad of Dwight Fry (a cover but what a cover it is)
A History of Bad Men
Night Goat
Honey Bucket
Let it All Be


I would second the recommendation for Houdini but I would also recommend the rerecording of it from 2005, A Live History of Gluttony and Lust. Some incredible sounds on that.

Bullhead would be my second recommendation, very sludgy and heavy. Possibly my favourite album after Lysol, which is an absolute monster but wouldn’t be a good entry point.

Gluey Porch Treatments and Ozma are well worth a listen too. Knottier and twistier than the later stuff but still great.

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Id agree with this recommendation. Good starting points there.
I started with Houdini and Stone Witch and been hooked ever since.

My recommendation would be to start with Houdini, Stoner Witch and A Senile Animal.
Then move onto Bullhead, Freak Puke (Melvins Lite with Trevor Dunn on stand up bass), Hostile Ambient Takeover & Gluey Porch treaments…

Definitely wouldn’t start with Colossus of Destiny or Prick!

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Your missing out on some good stuff.

Admittedly they churn out albums at a prolific rate which means that each album has some tracks I don’t like but the good tracks are very good and worth checking out.

eggnog EP not been mentioned yet, wouldn’t be a bad place to start in my opinion [edit: probably because LP was specified at the beginning]

(but my main reason for writing this is to be a contrarian prick: I probably wouldn’t have recommended starting with houdini, and a senile animal even less so…)

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I’m in a similar boat here.

I listened to The Bulls And The Bees and that was really good but I kind of gave up after that point. (I do own Basses Loaded on CD but never listened to it.) I don’t know if I have the patience to catch up on that amount of albums, though I do have a few days off work coming up.

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Fucking Hell, Eggnog is so good. ‘Charmicarmicat’ is top ten material for me.

The three “solo” EPs are good as well. Would highly recommend all of Dale Crover’s EP and this beast of a track from Joe Preston’s one.


I guess the thinking is that they are the more straightforward/better produced Melvins albums to start with then if they like them then they move onto the weirder albums…

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sounds a lot like starting with the less interesting stuff to me! (mostly a joke, I think both of those albums are good)


Stoner Witch for me, Clive.

You cannot go wrong with anything they put out on either Boner Records or Atlantic though.


My 5 favourite Melvins tunes (at the moment…):

Night Goat
Brain Centre at Mr Whipples
Civilized Worm
Pigs of The Roman Empire
Magic Pig Detective

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Made this playlist of their setlist last time I saw them (2015 ish I think) - covers most of the significant releases!


My favourite Melvins album. Some of there best heavy stuff plus the 2 ambient tunes Shevil and Lividity are great.

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If you’re after some double drumming fun, with the Big Business lads, try Nude With Boots.

The album they did with Jello Biafra, Seig Howdy! Is a cracking listen as well.

Not much else to add as others have said the albums I’ve got/would recommend that I own.


They did two albums with Jello. Ive not heard Sieg Howdy but I’ve got the other one - “Never Breath what you cant see”…

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