Where were you on the evening thread of 19/04/2018?


Happy New Bag Day everyone! I trust you all received yours? Godspeed to all the Peckham based LME DiSers tonight, sorry I can’t be there.

Gonna put some new tyres on my bike then eat a pizza then sit in the garden and drink some beers and listen to A Seat At The Table. Wbu huns?


not up to much


:grinning: :grinning:




Sup jezza.
Gonna cook a butternut squash and sausage stew then prolly watch some flix with the TV.



Drinking beer in the garden and listening to tunez. Having kedgeree for tea and a few G&Ts


Perfect stew weather


Arrived at the meeting point for the canvassing group at 18:05. Turns out they’d left at 18:00 exactly. THIS IS IRELAND YOU FUCKS, NOTHING RUNS ON TIME. Fuck’s sake.

Going to meet the TV instead. Pissed off about this now. (The canvassing, not the TV)


Perfect time for a pint though.


Going to grab one now. So vexed.


This far north you’re allowed stews and pies irrespective of the weather.



@Kallgeese good work buddy


About to crack open a bottle of something pink and fizzy!! *does a wiggle*




Sparkling ham water?


Pomegranate and elderflower presse?


shakes fist


Got a salty kiss amongst my haul :blush:


Having an aubergine cuzzer tonight :eggplant: might crack open a tin n all :beer: prob have a second shower n all :shower: and then watch northern exposure :bear: then bed :sleeping_bed:


In the park with a big bag of cans obvs