Where were you

While Google was down?

Refreshing ‘google.co.uk’.

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Down in the dumps more like! Cheer up, Google!

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BooHoogle Stop being so miserable, Google.


Asking Jeeves

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Using www.askjeeves.com

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Could have fooled me, asshole!


I was right here, on community.drownedinsound.com

At least Google knows who its real friends are now

Google went down?

It’s kind of mad innit?

gonna get an ‘Error 500’ tattoo

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Yeah! I can’t do any work! Move everything to cloud based, they said. It’ll be great

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Can’t send an e-mail. Irked.

Got up early to try and get through a backlog of work, 90% of that is carried out through Google services. Oh well, time for an early lunch then.

I want the YouTube Monkey

Youtube Monkey

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Imagine if it’s just down forever now

I might start using ‘lycos’ again!

Or ‘ask jeeves’

I’ll probably just stop searching for things, I’ve probably found everything I need already

Where were you, in '92?