Where would I go in SE London if I wanted to buy a suit for weddings and shit

Is there even such a place?

What’s your price range?

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I dunno, couple hundred I guess?


That’s a good shout as they are bound to have toilets.



Next? (The shop; not, like, next question…)

You looking for something fashionable, traditional, slim cut, well made?

Yeah to an extent. I want to look fly, obviously, but I don’t give a sufficient amount of shit to spend stupid money on it

Sorry, fashionable, slim

the answer is still m&s i’m afraid

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Spenos or J dot Lew

think the last time I bought/wore a suit it was for graduation. I got it for £90 from debenhams. it probably looked terrible but I don’t mind looking terrible


Yeah, just go to M&S.

Four Weddings and Shit

*pine nuts

there’s no jay lews in SE London unforch

unless you think Croydon’s in SE which it fucking isn’t

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Thanks for the input everyone, I guess I’m off to Lewisham shopping centre tomorrow…

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