Where would I go in SE London if I wanted to buy a suit for weddings and shit

Don’t, it will be a waste of time. Lewisham M&S has no suits. There’s no demand after assessing catchment area and demographics. Same goes for all the other clothes shops in Lewisham.

You’re better off going to Stratford if you want to avoid West End, Croydon or Bluewater. You have M&S, Zara and John Lewis. JL has the KIN range for £170 (or £90 in sales). Slim fit, single-breast, one or two buttons. As good as Zara suits from 2002. I bought one last week for £90. Sale ends 15 July.



They’ve got a decent M&S.

This place Bromley Slater Menswear | Mens Suits, Shirts & Formal Hire

There’s also a Burtons and some other independent suit place.

I highly recommend Bromley.


This isn’t something you hear very often when you live in Bromley.


I don’t live in Bromley but I’ve always liked popping to the shops in Bromley,

I used to hang out with friends there as a youngster.

Plus nowadays its got an amazing pub.

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You can get a decent affogato! Which pub?

The Star and Garter, amazing place.


Two to three years ago, I was looking for suits in Lewisham M&S and there were none. I asked why and the assistant said that they stopped selling them due to lack of demand because of the changing customer base. That I should go to Bromley or Stratford. Similar to what @xylo was told in Eltham.

That I can understand. I was born in Dulwich and grew up in SE London. Up to the early 90s, Lewisham was on par with Bromley and just below Croydon for shopping. Everyone at school and their dads bought suits from C&A or M&S in Lewisham. Got my first suit from C&A (Prince of Wales check, double-breasted. Yikes). Since the 90s, there has been white middle-class flight from Lewisham for destination shopping and an influx of myriad of immigrant communities for shopping. You just have to count the number of Tamil stores that were not there in the 80s. The shops have adapted to the changes.

BTW, Lewisham Council are desperate to recapture that pre-90s shopping & eating feel. They spent a long time courting Cafe Rouge with business rate breaks and cheap rent to open in Lewisham. They said no way because it wasn’t Blackheath or Greenwich. Now Lewishan Council are trying socially re-engineer the area by approving the buillding of 1000s of unaffordable flats for local people, but just about affordable for Canary Wharf/City of London workers. Hoping that Westfield will start sniffling around and re-generate the area.

Growing up, I thought Bromley was well posh because of the mock Tudor shop frontages. Yeah, a decent place for shopping outside of the West End.

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Ah, a bit of a historical town landmark! Think it reopened in its current guise about five weeks before I quit drinking so not spent a huge amount of time in there, but I hear the beer selection is pretty good.

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I’ve always had a soft spot for Bromley, used to skateboard there as a kid, friends lived in Beckenham, plus it had a good cheap recordshop many years ago,

I know what you mean by posh, but then I did live in Croydon.

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