Where you sitting on the bus?

standard city double decker. no arguing about the layout. start of the route so you can have your dream pick. journey takes say… 25 minutes if that matters.

  • upper deck, front. vroom! vroooom!!
  • upper deck mid tier
  • lower deck
  • back of the bus bAdAsS
  • other
  • “i wonder simply drive a car” - margaret thatcher

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U10 for me, clive. wbu?

Systematically find the first free double seater that isn’t reserved for the elderly and go there, so 5/6 or 7/8 in an ideal world

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U13/14 look like they have the most leg room so there please.


Closest to the exit that is available and not reserved for a pregnant/elderly/less mobile person.

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Been an emotional day, even the bus is in tiers


Everyone knows the default place to sit on an empty or quiet bus are the raised seats above the rear wheels downstairs.

Wherever there’s a free seat

Upper 13


Among the worst bus seats imo :confused:

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Downstairs, back. 25.

Top deck, front row normally, but if I need to stay awake, I will stand in the buggy/wheelchair bay if it’s available.

Worst seats are the weird ones right behind the driver, and the ones right over the rear wheels - they make me feel queasy when I sit in them.

You couldn’t be more wrong. Nearer to a window, lording it over the minions below.

Lower deck seats 13-20 (depends whichever row is the step up, then that one)

Back of the top tier, obviously. :sunglasses: :fist: :bus: :wilted_flower:


Far less leg room in those though. No good for those of us with a little extra height.

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not sure that’s actually true in reality but 'low it

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waheyyy, very on brand there

Upstairs 12 please

Wost seat: downstairs 28

You get to see some very weird shit at the back of the bus, top entertainment.

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