Wherefore art thou

anyone seen @Mistersteve lately?

Posted yesterday saying he was fed up with the site (can’t remember the exact reason) and was posting less as a result.

Two weeks ago. Doesn’t time fly, when he’s not around… :wink:

Actually it was a few weeks ago (must have read it yesterday)

Sad that @casinobay hasn’t been posting for a few weeks as well.

occurred to me t’other day that @ninetyeightytwo hasn’t posted in ages as well

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I miss @marilyninthesky


I presumed he wasn’t here as much because of his new job :confused: That’s a shame.

Bam hasn’t been around for a wee whiley too.

And yeah, I miss @ninetyeightytwo and his wee pumpkinhead.


Diving off a sinking ship

He’s got a point there in fairness.

We DiS boys are famed for our tolerance of other people’s cultural opinions, no?

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so it’s @sadpunk s fault

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Hi japes. “Wherefore art thou?” doesn’t mean “where are you?”, it means “why are you?”

(Big Ben is the name of the bell, frankenstein isn’t the name of the monster, etc)


I’ve always taken all of it as a bit tongue-in-cheek, tbh.


tannoy is a brand name

Yes it is and if you don’t like it you’re a Tory who is wrong and probably also Hitler.


Why does markcee post of DiS?
tannoy the hell out of everyone.

And manufactured in Glasgow

I’d quite like ‘shit for cunts’ on my gravestone.

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bit OTT though. bunch of GoT fans said in the thread that S7 wasn’t up to scratch and he got super defensive about it. wasn’t even ‘you’re wrong’ or anything and it was hi going on about people can’t appreciate good TV when they see it.