Where's everything that you're wearing RIGHT NOW made?

I can’t be bothered to look.


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Good lad, keep it local!


That’s ok, just don’t post any pictures in here.

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t shirt is from Topman so I’m guessing Mauritius? Jeans are Levis so you know they’re made in 'Murica.

I’m just in from the gym so I could have a proper rummage through my knickers for ya -

New Look pinafore - Made in Macedonia :confused:
Cat t-shirt - Handprinted in UK but made in Bangladesh.
M&S pants - Made in Cambodia.
Bra - it’s a hand-me-down from a friend and she’s cut the label off, I’m going to guess that means it’s from somewhere REALLY bad.
Tights - H&M No clue.



Jermyn Street, obviously.

What!? She gave me a bunch of her bras! They were too small for her, so why not? However, I feel like a phoney when I wear them, they’re much fancier than anything I normally wear.

Ah OK that’s fair enough, bras are expensive, I thought you meant she’d worn the bra out and then gave it to you after which sounded a bit dodge

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Shirt - Portugal
Jeans - USA
Socks - Sweden
undies - Egypt
boots - Timberland (USA)

HAHA, NO! :confused: They’re like hardly worn nice bras.

I feel bad now. I’m going to the toilets to check.

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Shoes - Vietnam
Socks, no idea but they’re not bland

Trousers, Shirt and Jumper - Bangladesh . I’m totally flying the flag. :bangladesh:

Pants - China


Oh, there’s a surprise… my coat is made in England

Didn’t realise they still made things in England

Chill out Farage

I don’t get it

I just added a cardigan, it’s made in England too! Got it in a vintage shop though.