Where's good to eat/drink near [venue/place] (Rolling?)

#1 - Hoxton Hall

I’m near hackney central right now, amazed at the lack of food options, walked to the round chapel and back, nothing.

George and Vulture! Absolutely top pizzer if that’s your bag.

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Pizza at the pembury tavern, bahn mi place on graham road, several turkish places on mare street, tons on lower clapton road…


I went to McDonald’s

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8 Hoxton Square is nice, but slightly ££.

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My gaff :smiley:
Mein Tay just a few doors down from the Geffrye museum on Kingsland Rd, actually all of the vietnamese places down there straight up

Is there anywhere not totally crap to get decent veggie food in Camden? Most places are shut before gig time and end up going for a burrito.

Woody’s Grill; get a falafel wrap.

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Campbell’s canal cafe is supposed to be good but not been there.

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I was up that direction the other week, how many twee cycle repair/coffee shops does somewhere need?

I also saw a man try to get a parrot down from up a tree, he climbed up after it.

This was the thread on the previous boards, which might help as a point of reference:

anywhere got to eat or drink in Colchester?

I’m there Monday night

Na ree is a pretty good thai on north hill