Where's my The Get Down Thread?


Maybe I didn’t post it properly.


I came to


Hey Theo, you watching The Get Down on Netflix or do you just wanna get down.

I can spin some tunes if you want.

Grab a Boost bar and get on the floor.


Baz Luhrmann took way too many eccies in the nineties, the whole thing’s a fucking blurred headache


I am not yet watching it.

I was referring to the seminal awful hip-hop Jump Around song.


I love it Ruffers. Think it’s gorgeous man.


is it good


It’s bright and stylish but its editing gives me travel sickness and the acting’s bleuuuurgh


sounds bang up my street


Don’t listen to that twat Ruffers, the acting is good.


I don’t know whether I should start it or not.

I’m interested in the subject matter, I am utterly, utterly disinterested in Baz fucking Luhrmann


I really couldn’t stand Moulin Rouge. Think I sort of enjoyed Romeo and Juliet. Definitely wasn’t excited that it was Luhrmann.

I’ve only seen half the first episode but it looks like a triumph to me.


didn’t realise this was his thing? I can’t watch any of his films, the editing is too annoying. it’s like it’s in fast forward or something, it’s awful.


Me neither. I went to see The Great Gatsby a couple of years back not knowing he’d directed it. After about 20 minutes I became suspicious and googled it, saw his name and thought “ach…”