Where's my thread at (saturday)

It’s here. Morning


:wave: haha I knew someone else would do one at the same time. Morning!

Having lunch for breakfast - baked sweet potato with mackerel, pickled beetroot and the pinnacle of human achievement, violife feta.

Massive massive cleaning day today :pleading_face:

Oh no, :see_no_evil:

Is this thread the winner?

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bit hungover so woke up super early this morning. annoying initially but might try to make the most of it and get up soon.

Try that again

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day



V currently haranguing me for a scooter with no wheels :person_shrugging:
not going to happen

Going to my lovely goddaughters first communion today and then smash put some reports I suppose.

Football, local indian, bonza.

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Absolutely no plans. Feels a bit bleak.

Would me revealing the battle of the girl band winners help??

Annoyed we’ve still got a week before le tour starts. Might start putting the work in for the thread.

I can’t believe you’ve done this.

Got woken up at around 6 by some dickhead bird making alarm calls about (presumably) a cat daring to pass within 50 feet of its nest, and I haven’t been back to sleep since. I really, truly wish that birds would absolutely fuck off. I hate them with my life. SHUT UP BIRDS.

No plans other than plotting the demise of all birds.


And maybe another coffee.

Fancy breakfast

Then meeting my cousin for a walk and lunch in skipton


Morning all :wave:

Woke up too early this morning (6.15am) and couldn’t get back to sleep. Still, the rain has stopped and it’s Saturday so it’s all good.

Going to Pensthorpe today (which is a nature reserve place) so need to get my figurative skates on.

Alright Torville and/or Dean

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Can’t decide what to do today

Long bike ride? Bit too hot and humid for that

Day in the studio? Far too nice weather to sit in a windowless concrete room

Give the flat a big tidy and clean all the windows? Yeah right

What to do?

Taking a trip down to margate today. There’s evidently a big sewage leak that means all the beaches are off limits. Yummo. Hoping to do some wandering about if the weather holds, buy some records, eat some pizza.

Not before I drink two pots of coffee tho.


Morning, I’m taking my kayak out for it’s maiden voyage.

Later on I’m meeting some old friends in a pub garden - including one that I’ve not seen in over 10 years. Quite excited.

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