Where's the best place to buy a decent watch? WATCH CHAT WELCOMED

and no I’m not going to be one of those chumps who just ‘looks on their phone’ to find out the time. I want a decent watch and I’m prepared to shell out a decent amount for it (I’ve had a Storm watch for years and it’s done me well but is now on its last legs)

Is there somewhere good online that people have used with success or do you prefer a physical shop where you can try it on? Any recommendations for brands or anything welcomed too (ideally i want self-winding,with a date function, fairly chunky and I do like the ‘skeleton’ see-through thing).

Or just post photos of your watches, idk.

dunno, but read this article a while ago

Ill never understand rich people

I have a Casio F-91W. It really is a perfect watch.

Always really wanted a watch but genuinely didn’t know which one I liked, which suited and all that. My wife gave me this Skagen watch on our wedding day and I absoutely love it:


Mine that I’ve had since 1998;

Not used anywhere online, for things like this I think I’d rather use an old fashioned shop.

Here you go mate. This is the best place to look for watches online, especially if you want to shell out a decent amount: https://www.hodinkee.com

They launched this product this week: https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/marc-newson-hourglass-limited-edition-for-hodinkee Worth reading the whole thing. The price is at the end. It’s… amazing.

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If I get a new watch, or a “smart” one for any purpose, I’m definitely going to get an old Soviet model:


There’s tonnes on Etsy and Ebay and they cost next to nothing compared to your Swiss brands:



Big supporter of the antique soviet watches you can get so affordably these days.

Having said that watches are for dweebs.

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This is mine


omg :smiley:



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Oh wow:



The Raketa butterfly watches are the ones I would have, so strange looking.


There’s no present like the time

(I should be in marketing - piece of piss)

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That is a brilliant watch and that make is one letter away from my username so maybe I should head to them!

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Not on my watch


I did the scumbag thing of doing some window shopping/ trying on in various jewellers and then looking for online cheaper options.

I also spent a bit of time reading watch articles in places like GQ.

I wanted something substantial but not too blingy and definitely not costing megabucks. I bought a Bulova (Marine Star?) and I still really like it.

Regarding cheapsies watches I love the plain swatch watches. I’ve got these-

I would like a more interesting one at some point but nothing has stood out to me yet

Also, old school best watch! v. cheap, dependable -

And then my stupid expensive, hipster watch, I do love it -

Infact, I love all their watches - https://aarkcollective.com/

I’m definitely investigating this! I like a watch that doesn’t look like everyone elses.