Where's the best place to buy a decent watch? WATCH CHAT WELCOMED

This is my current watch for ref:

got one of these babes, it was a present a few years ago. replaced the battery at the end of last year and just replaced the strap coz it disintegrated

i love it a bit

oh wow thats properly beautiful

@system! why hasnt this loaded

i think i could get into watches, if i was so inclined

This is utterly beautiful and it tracks the lunar cycle.

Sadly, though…£20k.

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OMG :heart_eyes: GIMME THAT IMMEDIATELY!!! That’s like my perfect watch.

That’s stunning! I want it.

Is it quite old then? :sob: As in, not available anymore?

Big fan of Braun watches http://www.braun-clocks.com/watches.html as I love the Dieter Rams school of product design…I have this one:

(Prices on the Braun website are way over what you can actually get them for, BTW)

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Casio 4 lyf

a “timepiece”

If I had all the money I’d get this orrery watch which shows planetary positions too:

It is a lot of money though.


Just heading to a bank with my hand in a vaguely threatening shape under my jacket, brb

AAAHH!! … I wasn’t going to treat myself for a while… OMG OMG, decisions! XYLO! Why did you have to bring my attention to this? Haha.

This Lorus watch from Argos did me proud for a long time

but I caught the face on a wall once and shattered it. Then the battery went and I just ended up using my phone. I keep considering buying a new one, though.

now that is fancy, but what the wtf is the time?

this is just like my dads watch, only hes got one of those kinetic batteries that charge when you move and stuff. which is v you

The hands are right there, just to the right of centre.

The little blue marble represents Earth, it has a tiny marble attached to it for the moon, and the pink marble on the outer ring is Mars. The middle of the dial is the sun.

Oh, and the whole thing is $330k.

Got one of these. Starting to look a bit scuffed though so may bin it soon.

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