Where's the evening thread?

Setting the world to rights with @he_2. We’ve fixed Non-league football, politics and general discourse already. What else should we solve? Also what are you up to?


hi Colin!

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Hi Bam!

He_2 is back from the bar!

hi He_2!

what are you gents drinking? I’ve got a real nice cuppa on the go in my favourite floral mug

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Bin night tonight - don’t let me forget!

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Just to say that you two are among my favourite DiSers.

I’m stuck on a train as someone pulled the emergency cord which caused the train to judder to a halt. The door was open for a while but it’s now closed and we’re on our way home.

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I think you should sing this to a hair-metal melody of your choosing. Maybe @maosm could work something.

Im on the same line, different train.

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Off for a pre-dinner with my mum in advance of tomorrow’s big dinner

I’m going to Book Club in a bit - The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield was the book. It was OK.

Hi Bam, sorry. Was eating.


Don’t forget the bins!

@xylo’s guest rap

:metal: BIN NIGHT - DON’T LET ME FORGET!:metal:


Quick comparison of plates. Think I might be a greedy guts. Either that or @colinzealuk is a chatterbox with many an axe to grind about railways.

Hello all!! Today is my Wednesday in that it’s my HALLOWEEN! Going to order a take away and watch a horror film…

pretty much what I do most nights tbh but YAAAAY!


how many horror films have you seen witches

:thinking: not enough tricklenipple, NEVER ENOUGH.


The things I would do to Chris Grayling if they were legal…