Where's the evening thread

Here it is!

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About to watch the second half of free guy. It’s fun.


think I might take a walk with a bud

the beer that is not a friend


I heard it’s illegal to drink outside in London, is this true?

Alright? Got some bad news in the last hour. Feel like I should eat but don’t know if I even want anything/what I want. Might have a Huel.

Certain places have restrictions on that sort of thing - Public Space Protection Orders they’re called.

Might even be some out in the wilds of Northants.


FUCK I forgot to put a beer in the fridge for later.

There’s still time.


Hey bam, in mediacity (salford) there are areas where you can get fined, outside, for swearing. Lol.



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wow, is that so! What’s mediacity? Is that where they film Coronation Street etc?

I nearly got disqualified from the top cut of a Netrunner tournament once because I was swearing too much and there were little kids around for a family day. My genuine response was “Fuck, sorry.”


It’s illegal to have an open alcoholic drink on you in Bath ciity centre.

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haha this country! Am I right?!


seriously how did I not know this stuff, I must be breaking the law all the time

I came here to post this so I’m glad you got here first.

I had a really straightforward day at work followed by a 75m conversation with a new colleague about courses she was asked to teach at an hour’s notice.

Tea was spiced lentils, cauli and garlic bread.

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sorry to hear this, hope you are ok?

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Yeah all the tv people. Its actually been reversed now so you can swear away.

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Wife home late from work, no chance to make the second curry so we’re having cottage pie instead. Massive bowl of dal sat in the fridge. Probably dinner tomorrow now. Tiring day as well. Meh.

Thank fuck for that