Where's the Friday evening thread?

It’s here, unless someone beats me to it.

Tell me about your evenings. Any plans for the weekend?

Ordering pizza! for my family, my body is a temple.


Really fancy a drink, but did so last night :frowning: also working at 9am, sigh sigh sigh

I’m having a small pizza and pakora. Then I’m going to drink and listen to The Blessed Madonna and then come on DiS and post lots of links to pop music from years gone by.

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Going round to the in-laws for a Succulent Chinese Meal.

Yuk Sung
Mini spring rolls
Crispy sweet chilli beef
Salt and pepper chicken
Roast pork curry
Roast duck +plum sauce
Chicken balls +sweet/sour sauce
Chicken chow mein
Salt and pepper chips
Egg fried rice

(between 5 of us)


Evening all!

I’ve spent my day planning for an exam class that only officially became my responsibility yesterday.

Wor Lass did not finish her meal plan so I did a quick chicken stir fry and rice with chicken she’d defrosted. It was fine.

I’m leaving for football in half an hour.

No to both

As for this:

Nothing at all planned tomorrow and the weather looks appalling.

Going to the football on Sunday.

Pizza and wine and telly


There’s a pigeon slowly dying behind the compost bin at the bottom of the garden so will have to sort that at some point.

Weekend… absolutely nothing. Which seems glorious now but I will be bored by tomorrow afternoon.

Woooooooo Laaaaahndaaaaaan innit.


Going to meet a friend for a pint tonight.

Another vote not doing much tomorrow as the weather looks terrible. Although I might see if I can get my hair cut as the barbers might be quieter (meant to get it done last week, but it was too busy when I stuck my head around the door).

My night is pretty #stacked :smirk:

Going to pick up a black metal record from nearby, THEN catch up on masterchef and THEN watch one, possibly even two, episodes of mad men. Cooking salmon and broccoli for tea. :fish: :broccoli:

Might even have a bath before bed. :nail_care:t2:

#busybrag #blessed


Had the busiest day sales-wise since I started my job, smashed out a brewery tour, did loads of good work and now it’s time for steak and beer.


Here in New England we are bracing for Hurricane Henri coming our way this weekend. Utility company already issuing a warning parts of the state could be without power for 10 days. Sweet!

Going to the beer store now to stack up.

Want to eat leftover carbonara and have beers in front of the telly but I’ve got to do some packing 1st :tired_face:

Did anyone notice?

That’s the dream.


Get your generator sorted, Newcastle play tmrw!

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Just ate a pizza and put up some curtains in the baby room.

Today a doctor stuck a camera up my nose all the way down my throat to look at my vocal cords. Fucking grim man.